Our Company

Welcome to Signal Medical Corporation, an evolving company in the orthopaedics industry that is combining the latest implant materials research with leading-edge clinical research to offer orthopaedic surgeons the highest quality implants with the greatest assurance of long-term clinical success. Among its attributes are the highest industrial quality standards and testing, ongoing research and development, high-level hands-on training activities, quality client services, and experienced research, development and design team personnel.
Our Mission

To improve quality of human life by offering the highest quality joint replacement products, instruments, and surgical strategies to surgeons and hospitals; to meet the demands of industry for economical, efficient, and sustainable products that preserve human tissue and ensure a safe environment; and to educate the community on issues related to maintaining joint health.
Our Products

Our goal at Signal Medical is to offer surgical instrumentation and joint replacement implants that answer the challenges orthopaedic surgeons face in the operating room every day. Our knowledgeable sales representatives and interactive, live-surgery instruction is available to guide surgeons as they learn the advantages and benefits of Signal Medical products.